How to Get a Chinese Visa in Seoul

Great Wall of China Dandong

We applied for our Chinese visas in Seoul, South Korea.

You have to apply at the Chinese Visa Application Service Center. You cannot apply directly at the Chinese Embassy.

There are 4 centers in Korea. You can check the center locations at the following website by clicking on the country that you will be applying in:

We applied at the Seoul Square location. The following is the website for this location:

Click the highlighted boxes on the website to find out all the documents you need and to download the visa application form:

Documents Needed:
-Photocopy of passport (main page with picture)
-Visa application form printed and signed
Below is a link to the visa application:
-Color photo (size: 48mm x 33mm)
Below is a link detailing the photo requirements:
You can take the photo at the photo shop that is in the basement of the Sindorim HomePlus for ₩18,000 (closes at 8:30 PM). However, the required size is very close to the standard photo sizes for UK, US and other countries and the visa center did not check the photo size. Therefore, it is probably not worth you getting new photos if you have passport photos of a similar size.
-ARC card
-Photocopy of ARC card
-Copies of flights booked in and out of China (fake flights work, both photoshopped flight tickets and real flights that you cancel after applying)
-Itinerary (not extensively checked, you’ll only get questions if you have an odd itinerary)
-Copies of accommodation booked and hotel addresses

The office is located near Seoul Station. It is on the 6th Floor of Seoul Square building (416 Hangang-daero,Jung-gu,Seoul).

You can apply for the visa Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

The visa takes only 4 business days to process and costs ₩190,000 for an USA citizen getting a 10 year visa. You pay for the visa when it is ready for pick up.

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