Omsk – Four Things to See and Do

Assumption Cathedral Omsk Things to do Omsk

Again, like Novosibirsk, we had very little time to experience the city and we had to cherry-pick the best things to see and do in Omsk.

Omsk railway station is a little way away from the city centre (7 km). To get to the centre, ask for a taxi to Assumption Cathedral (we paid 350 roubles for a taxi there but when a local got a taxi for us, it only cost 159 roubles).

#1 Assumption Cathedral

The cathedral was one of the most beautiful churches we’ve seen in Russia, and a must-see if you visit Omsk.

Assumption Cathedral Omsk Things to do Omsk

When we visited, a service was ongoing and they blast the choral singing out onto the street, which certainly added to the atmosphere.

#2 See the Fortress Arch and the Riverside

The fortress hardly exists any more, with an arch gateway being the main existing structure. You can see small buildings, that are largely uninteresting, around it that would have been barracks or storehouses originally. The best thing about the arch is that it’s also beside a nice stretch of riverside, so you can see both at the same point.

Omsk Arch Fortress Things to do
The Arch Next to the Riverside
Omsk Arch Fortress Things to do
The Buildings Around The Arch Might Be Old – But They’re Not Exciting

This Arch is a Fake!

This arch looks so devilishly close to the one above, you might be fooled. You can find this arch in one of the boulevards nearby. If it’s not by water, it’s not the fortress.

Arch Omsk Things to Do

Right by the Fortress

Don’t forget to see this church right by the entrance of the fortress. The fortress is just down the street in the picture (right of the church).

Things To Do Omsk Churches

#3 See the Governmental Buildings and Boulevards

Around the cathedral are many impressive Soviet-era buildings and it’s pleasant to walk around the parks and well-maintained boulevards to experience the area.

Things to do Omsk
Academy of Theatre and Drama, Omsk


#4 Eat

As in every Siberian place we stopped, we enjoyed the food. We searched in vain for caviar in Omsk, which is supposed to be extremely good and ended up eating non-Siberia, typical Russian food and some incredibly cheap and tasty sushi. Though, if we were there longer, we are sure we would have located some great local spots to eat local fare (feel free to tell us where in the comments).

Russian Sushi - Things to do Omsk

Omsk Food - Things to do Omsk


We didn’t visit the main part of Lenin Street (it’s a very long road), but we’ve heard that there’s very good shopping there. If we had more time, we would have definitely have checked out the parts of city centre south of the river [insert name of tributary] too.

If you have any additional must-see spots, less known places or food, drink and accommodation recommendations, let us know in the comments section!

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