About Us

Will and Sarah are two travellers who met when teaching English in Korea. Instead of returning home the usual way, they decided to snake their way across land from East Asia to the UK. Will started the trip in Pyongyang, North Korea, whilst Sarah met Will in Beijing.

They’ve created this blog to help other travellers recreate great, budget-friendly journeys across the world. They understand the frustrations of trying to organise these journeys, whether the rail website is in a foreign language or you simply have no contact for a remote tribe, so they’ve documented their adventures and created how-tos to help others save money and time. They’ve even created a trip calculator so that you can see exactly how much your trip will cost and how much a water or beer might cost based on their own expenses.

Will is a 26 year old British man from Birmingham. He likes trying out extreme sports and is transitioning to freelance marketing work.

Sarah is a 26 year old Chinese-American from New Jersey. She left life in New York City to explore the world and experience new cultures, new surroundings and most importantly, new food.