Backpacker Budgeting Tool

When you’re about to travel, it’s normal for you want to calculate how much it will cost to travel around the world. However, you’ve never been to these places and you’ve no idea how much things cost. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a quick calculator that just calculated everything for you? Well, now there is. We’ve created a couple of FREE tools for you to use to figure out this stuff the simple way.

The first tool is a super simple calculator that uses our data to calculate how much it will cost to travel in different countries. For reference, we tried to share a cheap room each day, moved places often and ate at cheap restaurants most of the time. Just input the countries you’re going to (that we’ve visited) and we’ll give you a rough idea of what travelling there might cost.

The second tool gives you a lot more information about the costs of specific countries we’ve travelled to.

Hopefully our tools have been useful to you. If you liked it or wanted to let us know about any improvements we could make, feel free to contact us at